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FFVIII: Force Your Way Metal Cover FFVIII: Force Your Way Metal Cover

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I feel like the guitar is overpowering everything else. The bass and snare drums are strong, but the cymbals are maybe slightly too weak - maybe make some cymbal hits more pronounced? Some of the synths you use barely have any "say" - I'd advise going back to mastering and playing with the levels, maybe adjusting the timbre of the synths, because at times they feel more like an afterthought than an integral part of the piece. Perhaps the solution would be to notch the guitar down a little (and at the same time the drums so that they don't become too loud as a result) - again, I'd play with the levels and see where it goes. Thus why you lost half a star there. Otherwise some pretty sick stuff you got there - I'm a fan of FF music, so this was a treatsie. :) Hope this helps!

JDawg00100 responds:

Thanks! It's not very easy for me to manage 3 or 4 different synth/key parts with two guitar leads, rhythm guitar and drums all going at once, might just take a few more hours of tweaking to get it there. :P

Drums Of Mordor Drums Of Mordor

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This would have gotten full marks, but the drums.... as Shurrikane already mentioned, the transition at 1:10 could be better - but the drums don't get better, either. The drums are playing off rhythm for a good amount of time since they get introduced at that transition point, which is sadly distracting. To sum up: excellent build up, then awkward transition, and fumbled drums distracting from something that could have grown truly epic. Drums are ever meant as flavoring to spice up a piece, contrary to popular belief, and if not done right they WILL break it. (there are exceptions, but there's a reason they're exceptions!) Nail them, and they augment your creation; add them and fumble, and they will be noticed immediately for the wrong reasons. Do experiment with what drums can do for you in this and other pieces, and best of luck in your musical journey :) (it's my way of saying, keep up the good work - you're not *there* yet, but you've got things going for you. Don't EVER let the negative bits get you!)

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BMBRJCK responds:

Thank you for the review! It is very hard to notice such things if you are hearing the track hundred times.
Thanks a lot!

Tracing Stars (Original Mix) Tracing Stars (Original Mix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well, congratulations, at 1:20 I went "Jesus, that's immersive". 3 minutes in, I'm still loving it. Here's the kicker, though - I'm not a fan of most trance music due to the repetitive nature of it. You seem to introduce enough variety to stave off my cringe at repetitiveness - or rather, there's no excessive repetition I can detect (or have my tastes changed?). In fact, are you sure this is really trance? OK, kidding on that last one. But seriously, I usually can't listen through an entire trance piece because the repetitiveness gets to me, and here I am, listening to silence now cause the piece has finished. My only gripe would be what sounds like cello - it sounds somewhat unnatural at a few points, either because it comes from a MIDI soundbank or it's just a limit to what you had to work with. This is mostly why I went with 4.5 and not 5 stars. Mixing acoustic and electronic is tough to begin with, however, so again, hats off to you. Keep up the good work!

Nii San (Brother) Nii San (Brother)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done. It kind of reminds me of Avatar - The Last Airbender's soundtrack in both instrument choice and the atmosphere it induces. Pleasant to listen to, not overcrowded with instruments and has proper flow. I'm sure I could learn a thing a two from this :) Hats off.

Adventure on a Horse 2 Adventure on a Horse 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pardon my rant in advance. Each and every new melodic line/instrument that you introduce gets louder and louder and towards the end drowns out everything else (and does so unevenly). The reverb doesn't help, as it muddles things up - sometimes that's the desired effect and works well, but not here. The piece sounds fine until the second set of string and brass kick in - that's when it starts to muddle bad. I'd use the mixer a little more - try bringing levels of all the instruments down in there and notch off some of that reverb - it should help clear things up a little. I listened to the original piece to see if it suffers from the same: yes and no. It's got slightly excessive reverb, too, imho, but it works better because the instruments aren't drowning each other out nearly as much. Another way you can help clear it up is by simply reducing the number of instruments still playing in the background as you introduce new ones - then the new ones don't have to be as loud to get through. Don't be afraid of silence, by the way - you should have some silent or quiet moments in a piece to contrast the loud ones. And no worries, I've done the same mistakes before, and learned the hard way. Hope this helps :)

Vacation - Mr. Puff Vacation - Mr. Puff

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I swear you have a way with the guitar, not bad on the piano, too :D The bass line is spot on as well - as well as the middle section of toned down marimba and piano, very well done overall.

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Lessie Lessie

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is really nice, though I found the slow-attack effect on the guitar starting at about 1:15 in somewhat distracting/overbearing especially at times. Otherwise hats off, a great chilling out piece!

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RaceTTar responds:

Thanks man. There goes my "remastering" lol! I think I fixed it now. Thanks again for the note :D

Hero(WIP/Preview) Hero(WIP/Preview)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is pretty lush, though I wish there was more and it had some sort of continuation to the theme! Really good work otherwise, very solid!

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ManMade Catastrophe ManMade Catastrophe

Rated 4 / 5 stars

While the snares are something to learn from, as they are really nice, even the rhythmic setup, I really felt there ought to be some kind of chord or key change several times in the piece to keep the tension in some sort of progression. The low strings merely reach for something then go back down to the baseline of key/chord. You do try to do something at the end of the loop, but it's a bit late imho. For the most part it feels like the wheels are spinning but not getting anywhere :( I understand there has to be an element of tension, but you can do that while having a subtle chord progression going. Since otherwise in my mind you've nailed it, 4/5

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MindlessVandalism responds:

THIS is the comment structure I was looking for!! I need people to tell me what I'm doing wrong, there's always some room to improve.
Thank you!

Poizone Symphony Poizone Symphony

Rated 3 / 5 stars

There's a nice feel to this, with a badass sort of atmosphere, but the chord progression keeps throwing me off, and that's distracting from what this could be. Also, at times it builds tension, but then it randomly releases it at unexpected times. Especially around 1:55. It almost goes into some sort of interlude, but then continues on as if nothing ever happened. If this had a proper flow, I would love to give it 5/5. As a tip, try to think about each element leading into the next, rather than sections secluded from each other. Up to about 0:40 this had my head bopping, then the percussion came in and I was wondering where it would go. The melody past that seems to keep on the anxiety that never seems to resolve. As I mentioned at 1:55 would have probably been the golden opportunity for a climax/resolution to follow up on later. On the whole, this is good, but leaves me oh so unsatisfied with where it goes, thus the 3/5