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This is a huge part of what made the Newgrounds experience so great for me back in the day. And I still come back to watch this for inspiration. I'm sure I'm not alone in this!

I would love to see some new work - you have the touch for this, so to speak, and it would be neat to see where it's evolved to nowadays - and if you haven't had time to make anything since, that's okay, too! If you ever feel like posting something new, I get the feeling (if you're the same way about these things as me) even if you produce something you consider substandard, we'll still gobble it up and look with hungry eyes for more tasty treats. And yes, I'm just being greedy... xD

Just allowing myself to comment in parallel about my own growth: when I'd not produce music for a while, yes, I'd get rusty, but sometimes I'd come up with fresh ideas, do something odd and clunky and spur on new works from there. Sometimes, the next work would suck, as a getting-back-on-my-feet type of deal. But it's like riding a bicycle. You quickly refresh that "muscle memory" and get back to where you were. And then progress beyond it.

In that regard, I hope the silence on NG means you've found commercial success with your skill, as opposed to just shelving this shiny jewel of a talent to do a different/unrelated day job. Not saying it's easy - clearly the bits you have posted have taken a gargantuan effort and time investment to complete. But at the end of the day, wasn't it worth it to just step back, say "wow" and admire the result of a process that took an idea and made it tangible? Cheers.

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You are Lord Popeye, the dick-raping fucker. Your destiny is to stab Lolicons.
Epic. Quick laugh, fun times :D

Great, but wish there was more.

The game's quite novel in the way it plays, and it reminds me of Portal to some degree - the use of momentum for puzzles where timing is crucial and you need to do creative problem solving makes for a very riveting experience.

The music is absolutely wonderful. It's so eerie I had to turn it off - it was creeping me out after a while! That said, the sound effects are perhaps a bit loud relative to the music, but no biggie.

Make no mistake: this game is designed to frustrate you out of your wits as you piece together what exactly you're supposed to do after receiving just the basic info. For this reason, I think it would be unfair for me to tell anyone reading the review any more than that *snickers* Figure it out on your own, and leave no stone unturned. You will feel better about it after you *do* figure it out.

Now, why the 9/10? For the level of frustration given to the player, I feel like there isn't enough reward for it in comparison - I specifically remember thinking "that's it?" upon completing it. It seemed to be building up to some important/big resolution and some explanation, but plot-wise seems to leave more questions than answers (leading to the unfinished business feeling). It could use just a little extra story there.

Despite this, I'm dying to play it again! (sorry for the bad pun :P)

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Especially circa 1:39, I get forcibly reminded of the likes of Enya or Enigma. Sublime harmonics. Well done! I do think your confidence level affected you especially early on in the piece - and I know where that comes from! Do your best to conquer that :) (and I say that as I am getting my feet wet in singing for my songs myself xD) You definitely opened up so to speak later on, and ... goodness... did that blossom :)

On a side note, I wish I understood the words! (not why the half star less, that was for the early part :P I try to keep my 5 star ratings scarce to make them extra special! ;P)

Cheers and keep going. Excellent stuff!

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks for the review, meep~
I did link the WP article to Hail Mary / Ave Maria and the text of the prayer translates to the Hymmnos lyrics above. I'd hoped you'd be able to find the translation there.

Otherwise I concur, it was fear of angering the upstairs neighbours who were previously in there and it was just frightening for me back then, because I'd been known to be interrupted mid-discussion, mid-anything if I was too loud for her. These walls are paper thin, so I don't doubt anyone can hear me sing. After a while when I'd got going I threw all caution to the wind.

I understand this is a different genre than I usually deal with so take it with a grain of salt, but I would move the first "blast off" to just before that quiet phase when piano comes in. Dramatic effect. The incoming piano would make it sound like you are actually sending something off into distance as opposed to just capping off a buildup. As far as the melody... I come from the school of thought that it trumps all, so I am not too enthused by the repetition, but I do recognize that it is widely acceptable within dance/trance genres. I would also say that the compression (I am more or less assuming that is what is causing this) is making this a constantly near volume limit spectacle - keep in mind that will distort sound and make it hard to listen to at times. Otherwise not too shabby. I do think you have taken some of the things I have said in the past into account :)
On a broader scale, be brave - do not stick with just one simple melody leading the whole tune; use variations, use different melodies intertwined and other little tricks to make the piece cohesive, longer and more rich in interesting bits. Yeah, learning some music theory if you do not know any WILL help. If you know some, go back and dust it off. I keep going back and trying things from the basics every now and then only to find out I have so much more to learn T_T xD

Cheers, and keep going!

Great job! I can see the lead easily being replaced by a singing voice, and that usually is a sign of a solid melody. After checking the original, I see how that came about ;D You lost a star for two reasons, though:

1) 0:55 out of nowhere you introduce fast paced/heavy drums that seem off beat to the rest of what is going on, and that made me cock my head and go "wtf?". It's easy to have that happen if you leave the melody to also serve as a rhythm keeper and do some irregularities with it - and then try to introduce drums, especially mid-phrase. Two ways to deal with such cases is either ease into it with a more sparse beat and build up to the part after the pause, or you could just use a beat that matches what's currently going on, even if it changes in the next section - the latter could amplify the epic feeling of going into the next section as a bonus! Either way, the sudden appearance of those drums was a bit of a no-no. This was my biggest issue.

2) Possible mastering issues and transitions: Pauses can be effective, but if overused it can kill the magic of the piece, too. Not a big gripe here, but I'm thinking the 2:00-2:32 part could have used either more sparse (or lighter) drums or even dropping them altogether, and rather than a lead-in pause have a descending filler melody to retain the intensity coming off the chorus (ascending could work, too). The mastering issues I'm seeing is perhaps just too much crowding, especially with the chorus - it gets overwhelming to my ear when for the duration the volume meter stays put near 0db. Crowding can be solved in multiple ways - putting parts into different registers and timbres and/or EQ-cutting them are two major ones if you do not want to simply take out parts or play with their volumes (some sidechaining is nice too, though I generally can't be arsed to do it and stick with other methods xD).

Like I said, #2 is not major and fairly subjective - but since it may help you to consider those things I thought I'd elaborate :) #1 however does break the magic of this piece for me somewhat. My best tip there is to think of the drums not as the time keeper but as the spice to the piece, if you were to think of the music piece as a dish :) The right spices in the right amounts make a dish delicious! ;P

Hope this helps, and keep up the great work!

PancakePocket responds:

This is probs the best review I have ever gotten, thanks! Yeah, I agree with you on the drums and the pauses!

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Cute. The last panel confused me a bit at first, then I realized what was happening and the words "be careful what you wish for" immediately popped into mind. xD

Professional level inking. Great details, well-thought-out props and attire for the characters (keeping function/purpose in mind, not just throwing things in that look 'cool'), and the characters themselves look animated and expressive. And then you didn't stop there. You actually took time to make cutouts, go around town and find appropriately themed backgrounds for said cutouts, and even went as far as playing with the perspective to make these appear more life-size/lifelike in the photos. That nude on the street did throw me off, until I realized the signage involved in the background. Well played, indeed :D And not to forget.... so much cute in one place *_*

You seem to have a rather interesting style. At times angular, at times very flowy. Also, you sometimes have very neat lines, other times very sketchy like and rough (the latter being akin to what I tend to do). Interesting use of clear lines to make the character look cartoonish, too. I looked at a few of your pieces, and I just can't make up my mind! :D Well done, though. Keep up the good work!

Making music has been a hobby and a passion for me since about 1996 - so as of summer of 2017 it's celebrating its turning drinking age! I've also engaged in other artistic forms like drawing/painting and poetry, but they have not been as prevalent.

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