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Making music has been a hobby and a passion for me since about 1996 - so as of summer of 2017 it's celebrating its turning drinking age! I've also engaged in other artistic forms like drawing/painting and poetry, but they have not been as prevalent.

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Posted by siteml - 1 day ago

Well, it looks like I burned out lately. Due to medical problems, I've been home all week this week, too; that came with a weird benefit, though: I managed to work on music, finally. I still have not given it a stamp of approval as a final version, but here it is for your enjoyment until that time:


"Don't Look Back" is the title. Enjoy!

Posted by siteml - August 27th, 2018

Well, a coworker of mine quit the company I work at. No warning at all, until the day he was due to leave. He has secured a better paying job elsewhere, working with his brother. I am dedicating a piece to him, because he has been a support for me through the rougher patches of work after transferring departments at my job. This is just a start, of course, but I intend to finish it before I do anything else - no particular timeframe per se, but asap as far as I am concerned. Everything is taking back burner positions at this point and outside my day job this is getting my #1 focus.

Here is the piece as it is right now: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21009645

Once complete, I will send him a link to the piece to let him listen - with dedication - what rings true within my being.

Posted by siteml - August 5th, 2018

Somewhat different from my usual, I had a little time yesterday to sit down and plink around a little with FL Studio and I was still somewhat fresh off a rock concert ... can you guess the band that inspired this?




(P.S. If I do end up finishing it this weekend - or maybe Tuesday - I will post it up on NG :) )

Posted by siteml - June 8th, 2018

Yeah, I have been busy, now I am sick. Working more overtime than I have been, previously dealing with school, now have an upcoming move... I hope things will settle down somewhat in July or August - until then, I will probably have very little time to work on anything, sadly.

Here is a piece for this time around: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/809523


Posted by siteml - May 12th, 2018

This is obviously just a start to a piece, but I wrote this just to get the ball rolling as a motivator to get stuff done this weekend; it is a loop of 4 of the same - the loopover is pretty obvious, I think. It's crunch time! (that may become the title :P)



Posted by siteml - April 29th, 2018

The promised oldie is up!



Posted by siteml - April 29th, 2018

I managed to find some quiet time again yesterday, and polished off the rest of the vocal redo. I am still debating doing additional voicings for the latter singing parts (they are all in unison except the first bit atm), and obviously I need to finish the piece, but here it is all in its current glory:


I expect I will be posting another oldie today - was going to do so last week but.... well, life happens :P


Posted by siteml - April 22nd, 2018

I have been on the fence about this for a long time, but I decided to go ahead and at least attempt a vocal redo (actual singing as opposed to a sound library choir part) in the piece. Here is the result:


(Quick update: I did some rebalancing/remixing on the piece to give it more clarity, here it is: https://www.patreon.com/posts/in-hopes-and-2-18346868 )

I also added a bit to the lyrics, but have not written the instrumental portion for them yet - I do have that part set in mind clearly. Keep in mind there will be a major change past the second verse that involves a different rhythm. Here are the lyrics in full glory:

   We pray tonight that our hopes will not die
   And we step into the light
   Standing ground with all our might
   Never mind the pain of our wounds as long as we're victorious!

   And we struggle,
   and we fight the demons that are in our hearts and we
   hope to live another day.
   And we fight on, we fight
   And we fight and pray!

   And we will not stand down,
   in our blood we'll drown,
   but we will not surrender to the end.

Posted by siteml - April 21st, 2018

Hello again!

You can probably imagine my surprise when I logged onto NG and .... could not recognize the place xD The new banner and color options are awesome so I did tinker a little (can you guess my favorite color? xD). In other news, the chances of me coming up with a new piece on time for tomorrow are next to none, so I will be digging into my oldies again. There are still quite a few gems left to unearth, though a lot of it is unfinished pieces - and I intend to stick to publishing only the finished ones. I am pleasantly surprised with all the positive reactions I have been getting - and I'm kind of mentally kicking my own hind for not posting all these sooner xD

Be forewarned, life is about to get VERY hectic for me (yes, more than before, if that was even possible lol) the next few months - I got a move coming up - so I do not know how much I will be able to devote to music during that time. On the bright side, I am taking steps to improve my time management, which should help :P


Posted by siteml - April 4th, 2018

Er.. well, stuff happened, and mid post I kind of got overwhelmed by a desire to sleep >.>. This is what happens when you got too much going on lol. Anyway, here is the promised piece!