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Some updates finally!

2018-03-18 02:13:39 by siteml

I've fallen behind on a lot of things both RL, here and elsewhere, but I'm letting music come first at this point. I haven't forgotten my promises, either, and hopefully I'll get to that stuff tomorrow/today.

I wrote more music for the same friend I wrote some music for earlier. It's another project he's working on that I offered to help with. Without further ado, here's the music, both still WIP:

Title Screen, possible other uses (esp. if extended):

Desert map BGM:



Lyrics (so far) to "In Hopes and Prayers"

2018-02-25 17:02:20 by siteml

It occurred to me that some of you may want lyrics to that piece (though I try to make the singing as clear as possible, you can't always make it out properly), so here it is:

We pray tonight that our hopes will not die
And we step into the light
Standing ground with all our might
Never mind the pain of our wounds as long as we're victorious!


And we struggle,
and we fight the demons that are in our hearts and we
hope to live another day.
And we fight on, we fight
And we fight and pray!

Enjoy :D

Tweaks to a WIP

2018-02-25 16:02:15 by siteml

While I'm still swamped, I couldn't stay away from tweaking a piece of mine up a little. In the works since mid June last year, it is one of those few times when I felt the need for words in a piece of mine. It's an epic motivational piece, something you'd expect to be playing as an army of heroes engages its final and ultimate enemy. Enjoy:


2018-02-15 21:56:05 by siteml

Just a quick update, been absolutely swamped as of late with school work and stuff... so no new bits will be released for the time being. I'll do my best to pick something out of my oldies, however, so keep your eyes peeled :)


Update: Picked out "Pursuing Dreams" for your listening pleasure:
The piece is catchy as heck and will get your head bopping! You've been warned! :P


2018-02-04 23:54:42 by siteml

Here's some progress on that new piece I'm currently calling "Into a Journey":

I added percussion and a new small part that needed percussion to be added to the previous parts to not feel out of place. The whole thing is really turning out epic sounding... yeah, that is my forte hands down xD (and yes, my Patreon is a bit of a mess atm; once I get a bit of time I'll see what I can offer as a service on top of just making music - ideas welcome!)

For now...

2018-02-03 19:38:13 by siteml

While it's nowhere near being done, I thought I'd share what I put up on my patreon anyway. I need to get into the groove of posting things when they become available. And I put it up as public, enjoy!

Well then....!

2018-01-12 00:28:11 by siteml

Exactly a week after I posted my last piece, who would have guessed...? A new piece! And not just any piece. This one's a whopping 5+ minutes long. A first in years, it seems like! Admittedly, I've been feeling down with events in my life, and needed catharsis. Those pieces tend to be behemoths in one way or another, with extra effort sprinkled here and there. I went through some instruments and synths in my trusty ol' FL Studio.... and this is the result.

Update: Forgot to post link here... oops >.> here it is:

Change in frequency

2018-01-09 00:56:01 by siteml

I'm finding myself scrambling to make a piece every week. While that is nice and all, it's sapping away most of my energy. I'll try biweekly releases from now on - while it still will put me under some pressure to make new pieces it will allow me to better budget my time; if it's still not enough time I'll simply move to monthly releases - that last option should not be a problem at all. On the bright side, this will allow me to better attempt to polish pieces before I release them, or even work on multiple projects at the same time!


2018-01-03 22:44:02 by siteml

I've had this mostly ready for a while, but things cropped up... and so it's already Wednesday night! Enjoy either way:

I should be on time with the next piece :)

New Orchestral - whew!

2017-12-25 03:36:54 by siteml

I just put up a new orchestral. Those are always a challenge. And then I tried to do it in one sitting on a Sunday - the sense of urgency sort of spilled through...